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Jax Taylor Explains Comments He Made To Brittany Cartwright’s Father And Slams Vanderpump Rules Producers; Says “This Scene Was Edited Horribly”

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are about to get married soon and during Monday night's episode of Vanerpump Rules, the SURver found himself in the hot seat as she sat down with Carwright's father along with some of the men in her family ahead of their engagement party.

Brittany's father and bothers made it clear that they still haven't forgiven Taylor for cheating on her. When they asked Taylor properly “loving and cherishing” Cartwright, Taylor told her family, “I love Brittany more than anything but I gotta take care of [me] first. I’m always gonna be number one.”

After the episode aired on Bravo, Jax received major backlash from fans over the comments he made during his sit-down with Brittany's family. The Bravo reality star took to Instagram to defend his comments and also to call out the show's producers, as he also blamed editing.

 “For those of you who want to come at me for tonight’s dinner scene, first of all. Yes, mentally I have to put myself first or I won’t be able to take care of my wife or my kids, that is what I meant by that, and for the most of you I think you got that, I wouldn’t be making all these moves forward and say something so selfish, I believe everyone needs to put themselves first or how can I possibly be good for anyone,” he wrote on Instagram.

“In 7 years never once complained about editing, but this scene was edited horribly, I even spoke to her father after and he was like “this is not how it went” we are both on the same page just so you know and he agrees with me. And that’s all that matters, wanted to clear that up. I feel I owe it to you guys (viewers). I don’t want to let anyone down ever again.”

Jax also defended himself and explained exactly what he meant during the show's after show.  “I think Brittany and I should both look out for ourselves first,” he said. “When we get married, that’s a whole different thing, because now I’m responsible for her and I do believe in taking care of my family and I 100 percent will,” he said, according to PEOPLE.

“That being said, she needs to take care of me too. I need love too,” he explained. “It goes both ways. If I’m not happy, how am I supposed to make you happy?”

“So yes, I have to take care of myself first, I need to make sure that my mind is right,” Taylor continued. “That I’m still going to therapy once in a while, that I’m checking in with myself because if I’m miserable, then she’s gonna be miserable.”

Photo Credit: Bravo