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Jackie Gillies Fires Back After Being Criticized For Charging People For Psychic Readings!

Jackie Gillies defended her psychic profession after being called out by The Project host Hamish MacDonald. The Real Housewives of Melbourne star revealed she has 'helped tens of thousands of people' during her 15 years as a medium.

The intense on-air exchange kicked off when Hamish suggested that psychics who charge for readings are potentially 'preying on vulnerable people,' according to the Daily Mail Australia.

"Well, for me, I've been doing it for 15 years...," replied Jackie.

Hamish then asked the Foxtel reality star, "Do you take money for it?"

Jackie responded: "Absolutely! Just like you get paid for this job, [which is] quite a lot!"

Jackie added: "I know when I give a psychic medium reading how many people I have helped and inspired over the years, and after 15 years I've got tens of thousands of testimonials that say that."

Jackie explained that it's important for people to "keep an open mind and an open heart" when it comes to psychic readings.

Gillies, who recently released her book titled "Shine It Up" said that she "isn't  pushing anyone to come" to her and charges for her services because she "knows [her] self-worth."

Photo Credit: Getty Images