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Heather Duborw Reveals Biggest Misconception About Her And Reflects On Her Time On RHOC!

Heather Dubrow joined The Real Housewives of Orange County in 2012 for the show's seventh season and lasted for five seasons until she announced her departure after filming Season 11 reunion. Now, the actress turned reality star is looking back at her RHOC days and reveals what's the biggest misconception viewers have from her.

"I think the biggest misconception of me is that I have a stick up my a**," Dubrow told Entertainment Tonight. "I think that especially when I started Housewives, I was so scared of how I was going to come off. I was really closed off and buttoned up and it’s just really not me. I’m a much looser person and I like to have fun and I’m not judgmental."

Dubrow admits that being on Housewives began to bring some challenges in her marriage to husband Dr. Terry Dubrow.

"I think it was on our third season, we were fighting," Dubrow admits. "I mean, we were just fighting a lot and it wasn’t like us. It was the show and so it came to a head and I said to him, 'We have a choice, this is not good for our marriage, so either I’m quitting this show and we are done or we have to figure out how to do this show appropriately, honestly and together' because I think for him it was kind of a joke."

Despite having some regrets from the show, the brunette actress says she has only learned from those experiences and is thankful for the platform the Bravo hit reality series has given her.

"I regret things that I said. I regret things that I did, but isn’t that just true of life in general?" she told Entertainment Tonight. "I think it’s what you take away from it in how you do better in your life, if you become a better person and learn from it and I feel I’ve been doing that or been trying to do my best to become a more self-actualized person and learn from those missteps and those mistakes that we all make."

Photo Credit: Bravo