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Ester Dee Slams Her Former Lover And His New Girlfriend; Accuses Them Of ‘Abuse’ And Says “I’m Dealing With A Lot”

In a not deleted Instagram post, Ester Dee slammed her former lover, Rob Lloyd, the father of her daughter and his new girlfriend. The Real Housewives of Cheshire star accuses her ex of not helping their daughter financially and calls out his new girlfriend for allegedly trying to "imitate" her style.

The ITVBe reality star shared a photo of her ex Rob Lloyd posing with his new girlfriend and wrote the following statement; "This is the father of my child ( The Secret Millionaire / more like a Secret ...) and his girlfriend  ( the woman I have found in our property in January, he was secretly seeing her for 2 years - they did not even tell me, she also was seeing my little girl without my knowledge / he got targeted on social media by her after watching Rob on tv on Housewifes," she shared in a now deleted Instagram post.

"She thought he provides me with the lifestyle.Plus despite the fact Rob Lloyd does not pay me a penny in maintenance since out daughter was born. ( he provides apartment in Wales for our daughter though). My husband is the support and my beautiful friend @dawnward4 is my mental support / cause why I am around her."

She continued: "My life is super complicated. I wish to have it easy but you have it to how you make it. I believed in bullshit. Really struggling myself to please everybody But here you have it, you have been all asking. I am dealing with a lot and I do not take everything to the show. Also big thank you to my amazing mummy @violetdarcy for helping," adding the hashtag "#secretbattle."

When a fan asked her why she deleted her Instagram post about her ex, she replied; "I deleted it , too much abuse from him and his girlfriend."

Ester later shared a side-by-side photo of herself and Lloyd's new girlfriend, both wearing similar red dresses along with the caption; "One of the fundamental causes of the disintegration of society is copying, which is the worship of authority," she wrote. "Be you, not a copy. Create, not imitate."

When a follower called Ester out for "shaming" Lloyd's new flame, she replied; "She has done bad to me darling."

As previously reported, Dee shocked her co-stars and viewers on the fifth series of the ITVBe hit reality show when she revealed that she was married to John Temple, while also being engaged to Rob Lloyd, who she had initially appeared with in the show.

Ester married John in 2015 – he has never appeared or even been mentioned on the show and emple told the publication that he had no idea that Ester was seeing Rob or even joining the ITVBe hit reality show.

“How could the programme makers have let her do this? The whole thing is sick,” he said at that time when the scandal was revealed. “Ester is my wife, she doesn’t live in Cheshire, and there is no Cheshire mansion. She splits her time between my apartment in Leamington Spa and one I bought for her in Wales. The Rolls-Royce she drives is mine.”

Dee was caught out when production overheard her calling her “husband” during the show's cast trip to Dubai. “When she got home, she came to see me and admitted she had been filming the show for months,” John told The Sun. “She said she had known Rob since 2012, and that our daughter [Bertie, 2] was actually his. His name had even been secretly listed on her birth certificate.”

Ester split with her fiancé Rob at the end of series, confirming that she’d moved out of his Macclesfield home and said she was on a “trial period” with husband John. However it was revealed earlier this year that she and Temple split and are set to divorce.

Meanwhile, Rob has since slammed Dee’s actions and says he regretted appearing on the RHOCheshire. “She was with me and married to someone else. I’m so angry with this situation, it’s farcical,” he told the Manchester Evening News back in June 2017.

“I found out that she was married the day after my daughter’s wedding in September last year and it came as a complete surprise. I didn’t even know she was married. As far as I’m concerned going on the programme has not done me any good.”

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Photo Credit: ITVBe, Google Images