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Cynthia Bailey Reveals Why Marlo Hampton Is Not A Full-Time Cast Member On RHOA!

Marlo Hampton has appeared as a "friend" on The Real Housewives of Atlanta for many years now, but during the current season, Bravo made her officially part of the cast - including her own official cast portrait.

Now, Cynthia Bailey reveals the reason why Hampton has not been promoted to a full-time cast member.

I think Marlo definitely brings her fashions to the show. That’s her whole thing. You know that’s what she loves and I think it’s great to have somebody who’s really into fashion on the show,” she told Ebony.

“I think she definitely became the bone collector of the season. She definitely stirred the pot.”

Cynthia joked, “She collected bones, put them in the pot, and stirred the pot. She was doing everything. So, she definitely was a little messy this season, but you know that’s Marlo.”

When asked if Marlo should be given a peach, Cynthia replied; “Ah, you know what, I am not the peach giver. I don’t give peaches and I don’t take peaches away.”

Cynthia added: “In my personal opinion, I think that anyone who’s holding a peach… I think you have to be willing to share your life. Completely. Your personal life and your private life. So, if you’re holding a peach, you have to be able to give your complete life. And, I don’t know if Marlo is willing to do that.”

Transcript courtesy via Reality Tea

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Photo Credit: Bravo