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Seema Malhotra Opens Up About Her Battle With Menopause!

Seema Malhotra is getting candid about her battle with the menopause. The Real Housewives of Cheshire star says after trying out lots of different therapies, she started to feel like herself again after taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

 “I am still getting hot flushes, but I feel much better now,” she told Manchester Evening News. “I didn't want to take HRT because of the myth that you get breast cancer but as I am learning more and more, I have realised I am going to take it if it works for me.”

“You will see on the show I am having some alternative treatments, acupuncture where they put needles all over me, that actually really helped, I had a good night's sleep,” she continued. “Women just need to find what works best for them.”

Seema hopes to address the stigma attached to the subject by sharing her story on the ITVBe hit reality series. The mother-of-two reveals that wanted the share her experience in the hope of helping other women, who struggle with hot flushes and sleep problems to name a few.

“It's weird - I didn't know what was happening to my body. I couldn't sleep, was constantly tired, feeling anxious, and generally not feeling the person I used to be,” she told Manchester Evening News.

“If I can help others it's a great platform to be on to talk about it. The feedback I have had is unreal. I get so many messages I can't answer them all. People want to know what am I on, what am I doing, the treatments.

She added: “I literally hit a brick wall with it. Once you know what's wrong with you that's half the problem solved.”

Photo Credit: ITVBe