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Scheana Shay Weighs In On Tom Sandoval Calling Katie Maloney A ‘Bully’; Says Katie Used To Be ‘The Ultimate Mean Girl’

Scheana Shay is sharing her thoughts on the confrontation between Tom Sandoval and Katie Maloney-Schwartz on the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules. "I think she used to be," Scheana told PEOPLE Now when asked if Katie was bully.

"I think now it's just past hurt that she  projects sometimes, it may not come across the way she wants it to but I think she means well," she explained. " She has grown so much as a person - I'm sorry but if someone insults your appearance, whether you did it to them first or not - it doesn't feel good, so I understand where she was coming from."

"She was the ultimate mean girl a few years ago, but once her and I became friends, I was just like "Wow, you're a completely different person." I just never seen that different soft side of her."

Who's side are you on? Sandoval or Katie? Sound off in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Bravo