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Porsha Williams Blasts NeNe Leakes For Allegedly ‘Fat-Shaming’ Her Six Days After Giving Birth; NeNe Responds — Read Their Shady Text Messages Here!

NeNe Leakes and Porsha Williams blasted each other on social media and shares text messages they shared between the two.  It all went down when Leakes claimed that Williams re-recorded when she said "I'm scared" during Leakes closet freak out, which Williams fired back and denied doing so.

Williams then called out Leakes for commenting on her body just days after the new mom delivered her first child.

“This is what my so called ‘Big sis’ sent me lastnight [sic] 6 days after giving birth. @neneleakes is so miserable and ain’t happy for nobody. It’s not a contest I’m just living my life and being blessed,” Williams, 37, wrote via Instagram on Friday, March 29. “Yes I posted this since you wanna go on live and speak on me yet again talk & about these text [sic] I figured I’d let them see for themselves!”

She added: “#FatShamingANewMomShameOnYou #NonsupportiveEdglessbird #IsThisYourQueen?”

Williams shares a series of text messages that Leakes sent her. “You lying ass big fat hungry bitch! You know i never put my hands on you! Marlo [Hampton] Cynthia [Bailey] nor Kandi [Burruss] can EVER say that!” she wrote. “You want an excuse for going in my closet without my permission so You can talk yo fake s–t on IG all you want but remember my house is lit wit cameras!” 

“Oh and don’t forget who was by your side & saved yo wack ass when u pulled Kenya [Moore] off that sofa. Don’t forget nobody f–ked with u in San Fran or in Spain but ME! If u got something to say, say the truth because if i put my hands on you, you will know it.”

Leakes then insulted Williams’ hair, writing: “Oh and remember you had your hair flipped over yo thin bald spot! I have hair but if i don’t, i have enough money to buy all the wigs & Extensions i want.”

Williams denies Leakes accusations; “You know dayum well I ain’t recorded that in no studio to set you up ! Kiss my ass!” she replied. “How dare you make that claim I would not conspire no s–t like that !!”

“You did but it's ok! Oh yo day is coming just like it has in the past!” Leakes replied. “Imma lot of things but what i don’t do is f–k over people and lie for no reason! … Just remember I’m the HBIC that YOU want to be!”

The two concluded back-and-forth by body-shaming each other. Leakes called Williams a “big piggy with the busted shape,” while Williams responded: “Girl I know you and them granddaddy long legs and box body not coming for my body !!!!”

Leakes hit back; “You worry bout them extra small baby ankles you rockin! Hopefully they hold up that giant body. Try dieting! … That’s something you have never been good at.”

After Williams shared the text between her and Leakes. The original Georgia peach responded to Williams’ claims that she fat-shamed her after she gave birth with a few screenshot texts of her own.

Leakes claimedto have sent her Williams an uplifting message after she welcomed her 1-week-old daughter, Pilar that read, “Today your life changed. Congratulations! No matter where we are in our relationship, being a mother is a true blessing and only women can bring life into this world. That day in Destin Fl when you said you ‘might be pregnant’ I was genuinely happy for you then and now.”

Leakes also shared Williams’ response, which read, “Hey, Sorry just getting back to you. We got home from hospital a day ago and we [sic] been adjusting to being home. Baby Pilar is so precious she has been doing so well! My mom kept her downstairs for us so we could rest and I feel like a million bucks lol I’m still just taking it super easy cuz I had a c section but other than that we are great! Thank you for checking in and yes I do know you genuinely cared thank you.”

NeNe captioned the now-deleted post with the caption: “@porsha4real this is what I sent you after you gave birth! I sent you text messages last night after I saw on social media what you had said. I could have responded back on social media, but I decided to text rather than do that!”

She adding, “I know you need viewers to tune into your 3 episode commercial, which is why you doing the most! Bye ankles. #HBIC.”

Williams responded; “And this is why you are sick!” she wrote. “You started with me [sic] night and now you play victim! It’s too hard being friends with you. I’m done … so Enjoy being exposed … talk about that on your closet special sis.”

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Transcript courtesy via Us Weekly

Photo Credit: Bravo, Getty Images