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NeNe Leakes Defends Her RHOA Closet Freakout And Addresses Her Beef With Lisa Vanderpump!

If you recall, NeNe Leakes had a meltdown during Sunday night's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta at her "Bye Wig" party. It all started with her blowing up at co-star Marlo Hampton and ended with Leakes ripping a camera guy's shirt after he attempted to follow Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams into her closet.

Following the episode, Leakes appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and she defended her actions as to why she freaked out. "No, I did not [overreact]!" said NeNe. "How are you gonna overreact in your own home? If I tell you to visit me and sit right here, you need to sit right here. You don't have the right to go through my house and open up my doors, my closets, my pantries, none of that. You would feel disrespected. And the one thing these girls have -- they are disrespecting each other's homes when they visit them. Shereé's house was disrespected. Kenya's house was disrespected. When you come to my house, you're not going to disrespect my home. They were not in the right. First of all, they weren't even invited upstairs. They just came upstairs on their own."

She continued: "I don't even know why I have to explain anything in my house," she added. "If I tell you that you can't go in my closet, you can't go in my closet."

Moments later, a caller asked Leakes to spill the tea on her issues with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump. "There's nothing going on between Lisa and I. I just spoke the truth, and the truth is I was living in L.A. doing 'Glee' and 'New Normal.' I reached out to Lisa Vanderpump because she owns a restaurant. Gregg and I had been riding up and down Santa Monica, we saw the space, it was raggedy looking, but I thought it was great 'cause it was right by The Abbey."

She continued: "Now, I know she'd never come in here and say I didn't call her. I call Lisa, I said, 'Lisa, there's this location right on the corner of whatever the street is in Santa Monica, there's a location there.' And these are Lisa's exact words: 'It's a dump. It's way too expensive. Blah, blah, blah. I wouldn't get it.' Bam. I thought -- because Lisa owned restaurants in L.A. -- that she would be telling me the truth, so when she said, 'Don't get it,' I was just like, 'Honey, Lisa knows L.A.' Boom. And I didn't get it, and I just kept moving."

"Next thing I saw -- Pump! Lisa Vanderpump. Really, girl?!" NeNe said. "Girl, you just told me, 'Don't get the location.' That is 1,000 percent true, okay? I'm just telling you what it is. Now, I ain't got no problem with Lisa, but I think Lisa knows she told me some crazy stuff because I've seen her several times out, and she's kinda like, 'Hello, NeNe.' Like, it's kinda weird. The energy ain't the same. But I'm just telling you that's what it is."

She added: ""And I never said anything! I could've said something a long time ago when she first opened that place, but I never said anything to anybody about it. I've had a lot of people that do me real dirty, and I don't say nothing. I just let it go. That day, I just felt like they were asking me about Lisa, and I was just like. 'Listen, this is what I know about Lisa.'"

Photo Credit: Bravo