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Ester Dee Moves In With RHOCheshire Co-Star Dawn Ward After Splitting From Husband John Temple!

Ester Dee and her daughter have moved in with Dawn Ward since splitting up from husband John Temple and boyfriend Rob Lloyd. "I came to Dawn I cried my eyes out and she invited me to come and live with her," the Real Housewives of Cheshire star told the Daily Star.

In a separate interview, Ester continued: "It's been really good and I feel in a better place," she told The Sun. "Dawn makes time for you. She has a salon (in her house) and she says, 'Ester, come around, have a coffee, how are you?' So she checks on me. I actually never had that."

"Pearl is too young to understand but the men, they thought, 'Oh you've got a handbag. Go! What else do you want?'"

Ester, who moved in with the Wards during Christmas, reveals that living with Dawn has helped her focus on new business ventures.

"Dawn is good for motivation, saying 'Ester, business wise, where do you want to be?,'" she explained. "My career was always about having men for money. Which was the only way for me then ... Other girls do it, but then can't admit it!"

"It's always assumed I am the dumb blonde because nobody ever thought she could have a different side and it has always worked for me to play stupid."

"I thought it was going to be a restricted environment and it's not. Dawn has been really good," said Ester about their dynamic on Warford Hall.

She added: "I was in the wrong place wrong time, a bad place, I came to Dawn's for lunch. I wanted to relocate to a happy place and I am better now. I'm me," she told The Sun.

Photo Credit: ITVBe