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Ester Dee Denies Being Responsible For Rachel And John Lugo’s Marital Problems; Ester Shares Text Messages She Sent To Rachel And John — Read Text Messages Here!

In a preview for next week's episode of The Real Housewives of Cheshire, Rachel Lugo drops a bombshell. The mother-of-five reveals that cast member Ester Dee texted her husband John, leaving her co-star in shock.

Dee took to Instagram to set the record straight as to why she texted Rachel's husband - shutting down rumors that she is the cause of their marriage issues.

In a now deleted post, Dee shared the text message she sent to both Rachel and John, after finding out that they were having marriage problems.

"Hi all! I am sick and tired to listen more bullsh*t after the non make up thing etc. and now this," she wrote. "Please mind the reality show is also cut down for entertainment purposes"

"This is the 2 texts I have texted to both John and Rachel after I have seen Rachel's Instagram that night! (same times)," she continued. "Read it please! I did not break their marriage! I am not after him, I have more than enough men in my life !!!!!"

"I do not need to go and want someone else's husband!!!!! Thank you just want to clarify"

She added: "John has been always a gentleman to me, same me and Rachel had a conversation about me clarifying the texts even more," tagging "@itvbe @officialrhoch"

In the text she sent to John is reads; "Hi John, I am not sure what's happened with you and Rach but people are giving you a hard time on social media. I am here for you and Rachel if needed. I think I may have been in a similar situation to you before. I hope you are well and sending you a Happy New Year," she wrote. "Give me a shout if need to talk."

In the text she sent to Rachel via WhatsApp, she wrote; "Hello beautiful blondie, just texted John if you are ok," adding a heart emoji. "Not sure what's happened but I may think I've been there before myself. "

She continued: "Follow your heart, not head. Happy New Year sister," adding, "just to say love youuuuu."

Earlier this month, Rachel addressed the topic about her marriage during a Instagram Q&A session. When asked if she and John were still together, the ITVBe reality star replied; "Loads of you are asking this question," she said. "John and I are having a bit of a bumpy ride."

She added: "We are trying to see if we can work it - we've been together for a very long time, it's five children," said Rachel.

Back in January, Rachel sparked infidelity rumors after she posted a cryptic message about 'cheating' on her Instagram page. In the now deleted post, the reality star shared the words "cheating on a good person is like throwing away a diamond and picking up a rock."

She added: "You are welcome to him! Happy New Year!"

Rachel received a lot of love and support from her social media followers, including co-star Tanya Bardsley. "You are the most amazing sparkly classiest diamond of all darling and deserve the best," wrote Bardsley.

Credit: Instagram via Manchester Evening News

Meanwhile, Rachel's twin sister Katie told her: "You did so well to keep it all together for the kids over Christmas, I know how hard it was for you. I'm so proud of you, love you so much."

And when one follower said "Don't jump to conclusions", Katie replied "Sadly it is about her."

Back in November, Katie paid tribute to her sister's 'dignity and decorum' after the 'worst week of her life,' but didn't elaborate on the post. "You are the strongest woman I know. Don't let anyone shoot you down when, after the worst week of your life you have remained silent when your heart was breaking."

She continued: "You have conducted yourself with dignity and decorum whilst you take stock of everything.

She added: "No one will ever have your back more than me. I love you! You deserve so much better! Stay strong Twinkle, you and your 5 beautiful children will get through this #secretsandlies #ivegotyou #youdeservebetter #twinning #unforgivable."

When a follower asked Katie what was Rachel going through, she wrote, "It’s not my story to tell, it will all come out when Rachel is ready to talk about it but I chose to vent as I’m so pissed off and don’t like to see her hurt 😢"

Rachel and her husband John Lugo have been married for 23 years and have five children Francesca, William, Sophia, Oliver and Sienna.

Photo Credit: Getty Images, ITVBe