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Dawn Ward Teases Potential Spin-Off And Hints Daughter Taylor Ward May Join New Season Of Love Island!

Dawn Ward is key on getting her own spin-off show based on her family. The Real Housewives of Cheshire star said she has 'a lot more to show' of her life than she is able to share on the ITVBe hit reality series.

"I love housewives, I can't never see myself leaving housewives. It's part of my life," she told Heart. "But there is an awful lot more to my life, obviously we're filming with seven other housewives, so it can't all be about me. And I have got a lot more to show - like my work, my interiors, the other side of my life."

"So I would like to do something along those lines to show the other side of my life that you don't get to see cos we've only got so much filming time," she continued. "I Would like to show some more of my work, my charity work."

Dawn also teased a potential name for her own show: "Wardicious."

Dawn also teased that her daughter Taylor Ward may join the upcoming new season of Love Island. If you recall, Taylor was heavily rumored to join the show's lineup last season - but she never ended up joining the show.

Now, Dawn reveals the reason why her daughter decided not the join Love Island last season.

"There was a possibility she was. Ashley's [Taylor's dad] mum's got Alzheimer's, his dad was diagnosed with a brain tumour so we had a lot of family things going on," she told Heart. "Taylor and the family decided the family needed to be around, and so it wasn't the right time for Taylor."

When asked if her daughter would join the show's new upcoming season, Dawn said; "Never say never. She's really busy with her influencing and bringing out a fashion brand," she explained. "It's not something we've discussed, but you never know..."

She added: "I would always support my children with whatever they want to do. They're intelligent girls. Whatever they choose to do, I will support."

Photo Credit: ITVBe, Instagram, Google Images