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Dawn Ward Says Her Daughters Darby And Taylor Will ‘Never’ Become Housewives On RHOCheshire And Reveals Why She Decided To Return For Season 9!

DawnWard reveals that her daughter Taylor Ward would never become a full-time cast member on The Real Housewives of Cheshire, despite dating Manchester City footballer Sergio Aguero. “My girls are both young, independent women,” she told The Sun.

“I can’t imagine Darby or Taylor being a housewife like me. This show has given me such an amazing platform but even more so for my girls. They would never join the cast like me.”

Dawn left many viewers wondering if she was returning to the series after walking off the Season 8 reunion taping. Now, the interior decorator reveals what let her to return to the series.

“I had things I wanted to say and I didn’t get to say what I wanted so I just thought, ‘I’m off,’ she said. “But I was tired, it was the end of the series and I was exhausted. Now I am getting to say the things I wanted to say in the last series.”

“I’m on my ninth series. It has been life changing, not just for me but for my whole family. I am so grateful for that,” she told The Sun.

Ward also reveals how's it been having her co-star Ester Dee living with her family.

 “Esther was in such a bad place over Christmas – I’ve moved her into Warford Hall. She’s actually very sensitive and I’m trying to get her to be herself and believe in herself,” she added. “Esther has been amazing and she’s getting there. She doesn’t have any girlfriends but I am working really hard on getting to build up her trust.”

Photo Credit: ITVBe, Google Images