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Bethenny Frankel Shares Her Thoughts On RHOBH Season 9 Dog Drama!

Bethenny Frankel took to Twitter to weigh in on the dog drama that's going on the current season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. "I need everyone to tell me where they stand on #rhobh bc I think I may be seeing a different show than I heard about," the Real Housewives of New York City star wrote.

"I'm 4 episodes in. FOUR episodes about a #DOGBACLE"

Moments later, she wrote; "STOP talking about the dog. Dog didn't work out. Dog returned. That bummed Lisa V out. Who cares if some guy told Teddi 1 line about it in a text? I'm not seeing the big deal. Am I missing something?"

When a fan described RHOBH's dog drama as "supremely weak storyline," Frankel replied; "Well, they did show their Brussels sprouts order...."

She ended sharing her thoughts by agreeing with a fan who said that "this extra nonsense could've been avoided" if Dorit returned Lucy back to LVP. "I would have to agree with that," Frankel replied.

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Photo Credit: Bravo