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Vicki Gunvalson Shuts Down Rumors That She’s Been Demoted On RHOC; Says She’s Still ‘In Negotiations’ For Season 14!

Vicki Gunvalson is shutting down recent reports that she's been allegedly demoted to as a "friend" on The Real Housewives of Orange County's upcoming fourteenth season. The OG of the OC took to Twitter to address the news with her fans.

When a fan was asking Gunvalson to stay on RHOC as a main cast member, she responded; "Awe thank you. I'm in negotiations."

Responding to an article where Kelly Dodd reacted to the news about her alleged demotion, Vicki said; "Unless you hear it from me, then it's simply a rumor. I am in negotiations."

The OG of the OC took to Instagram to address the topic in a recent post via the comment section after a fan asked her the respond to Dodd's comments about her alleged demotion. "Kelly has no idea what I'm doing . I haven't shared my deal with her. She loved talking."

Last week, Jeff Lewis announced the news on his Sirius XM show, Jeff Lewis Live on Friday, February 8, according to Reality Blurb.

“Okay, so we’re going to just jump right into it. I have some breaking Bravo news,” said Jeff. “I have a few Housewives friends, and there were some rumors [that] were swirling that Vicki Gunvalson was going to be demoted as a friend on the Real Housewives of Orange County. So, I have Kelly Dodd on the line. I would like to ask her if she knows anything.”

Kelly Dodd, who feuded with the OG of the OC last season appeared on Lewis radio show to share her thoughts on the alleged report.

“Well, I cannot confirm nor deny. However, that’s the word on the street,” said Kelly.

“So, she’s been demoted. Vicki Gunvalson has been demoted,” stated Jeff. “I think the way she’s behaved and the things she has done, she doesn’t deserve our respect. And I’m glad she was demoted.”

Dodd agreed with Lewis and revealed that she was glad to hear that Gunvalson was demoted for Season 14.

“Obviously I am too,” added Kelly.

Lewis made it clear that Dodd was not the person who revealed to him news about Gunvalson's alleged demotion. “Just so everybody knows out there, Kelly did not reach out to me with this information. I heard this information and then reached out to Kelly and asked Kelly,” he explained. “I started reading on Twitter that people were talking about it. And then I started texting my Bravo friends cause I had to find out.”

“You heard it from one of my co-workers. We won’t name names,” added Kelly.

Photo Credit: Bravo