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Siggy Flicker Slams RHONJ Producers Including Melissa Gorga; Says Some ‘Thirsty’ Cast Members Should Buy Teresa Giudice A ‘Nice Gift’ For “Riding On Her Coattails”

Siggy Flicker is sharing her thoughts on the current season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and she is not holding back any punches. The Relationship expert calls out the show's producers, including Melissa and Joe Gorga for riding Teresa Giudice's coattails.

Siggy calls out some of the RHONJ cast for being "delusional and thirsty." "When I filming, I would look at Dolores & she would say... Siggy, this is part of the zoo that you are not used too! I would just be in shock how delusional & thirsty some were & are. It's was so bizarre!!!!," she tweeted.

Siggy explains why the Bravo hit reality series what "right" for her. "It wasn't for me. I wasn't happy & my kids and husband wanted no part of it. Everything worked out perfect!"

Siggy then calls out some of the "thirsty" cast for "riding on her coattails." "I just want to know when some of those thirsty cast members are going to buy Teresa a nice gist for riding on her coattails & keeping their electric on."

She continued: "Everyone should thank Teresa for having a paycheck including her bro if you even see him," wrote Siggy adding multiple laughing emoji faces."

Flicker then explains why some cast members from the Bravo hit reality series are "fake."

"Not only fake but ugly & have done nothing but scam innocent people. They live off their paychecks & have phony relationships with producers & talk about them behind their backs. So happy I listened to my hubby."

Flicker also called out the show's producers. "Don't know about other shows but I didn't stand for producer favoritism & proud of it."

She continued: "Production plays favorites so what you are seeing is the narrative they want you to believe," she tweeted. "In the real world there is no way you would follow or want o be around some of these women who haven't contributed anything but scams to society." 

Siggy then called out Melissa Gorga's recent retreat event that she is currently promoting and claims that the retreat event she hosted back in Season 8 was a "fake storyline."

She tweeted: "It's another fake storyline. My retreat was a FAKE storyline. I have never had a retreat & not interested in ever having one. All i Know for sure that EVERYONE should thank TERESA for their paychecks & get their fake storylines in ASAP!!!"

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Photo Credit: Bravo