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Ronnie Negus And Her Son Are About To Launch A ‘Super’ New Beauty Product!

Ronnie Negus and her family are about to launch the next big beauty product. The Real Housewives of Vancouver alum's son Jhordan Stevenson and his wife Edna created the Super Sponge, which is set to be released in April for pre-orders, then the rest of the units will be released in June, according to the product's official website.

So what is the Super Sponge? It's the first silicone infused makeup sponge.

"We wanted to create a product that worked phenomenally, was both fairly priced for the consumer and economical for the business, yet helped make the world a better place... One sponge at a time!," said Edna and Jhordan.

According to the website, "our coating infuses with the sponge, adhering to all of the micro-pores and enhancing the texture."

The benefits? "Our coated technology keeps product on the surface and prevents it from seeping deep within."

You can view the video below to see the benefits of purchasing this magical item.

The product is also easy to clean and to maintain. "Our silicone coating scrubs clean with soap while preventing germs from penetrating deep into the sponge."

The Super Sponge is easy to use. It's simple; "Wet it, Squeeze it, Slide and Glide it, Bounce and Blend it, Scrub and Clean it!"

You can also view a how to guide video clip on how to use the new beauty product via their website HERE!

The Super Sponge is now available for pre-order for only $19.95, plus shipping (.99¢ for Canadian and American residents, and $3.99 worldwide). So what are you waiting for and get yourself and your loved one some Super Sponges right now!

CLICK HERE to pre-order your Super Sponge. You can also visit their official website for further details and information. Website:

Photo Credit: Slice