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RHOV Star Mary Zilba Is Now A Cannabis Activist With Her Own Business MARZ Ventures; Mary Reveals How Medical Marijuana Has Impacted Her And Her Family!

Mary Zilba wears many hats; she's singer/songwriter, producer, television personality, entrepreneur, former Miss Ohio and now a cannabis activist. The Real Housewives of Vancouver alum reveals why medical marijuana is very important for her - and her family but also reveals why she decided to get into the cannabis world with her own business, MARZ Ventures.

The mother-of-three opens up about how cannabis has impacted her and her family. "I would say there’s been four significant health reasons in my family that has caused me to become a strong marijuana activist. My son has had a seizure disorder and has to use cannabis," she told Lift. "My father’s on cannabis CBD now for his bladder cancer. My brother has been using marijuana to get off of other drugs. And my brother-in-law all of a sudden started getting mental issues, like dementia and aphasia and all those kind of things. He couldn’t operate anymore, and little by little he’s almost like a vegetable now. They’ve tried everything just to get him to sit still."

"My poor sister has such a daily grind taking care of my brother-in-law now, but the only thing that helps him is (cannabis) gummy bears. He doesn’t know how to inhale. The medications don’t work for him, and so once he got started on gummy bears like two years ago, now he can sit. He can take a shower. He can start to speak a little bit, so it’s been a miraculous medicine for him."

"So those are really four strong reasons as to why I have become such an advocate of cannabis. I see every day the benefits of it. For myself, I use it to sleep at night. I just take a puff at night or I use my pen or something, just so that I can have a solid sleep," she explained. "I also just herniated five of my discs in my back and I’ve been using cannabis for that as well. They prescribed me Tylenol 3 and other kinds of narcotics for my back, but I refused to take them so I’ve just been taking CBD."

Mary hopes more people become aware of the benefits of using cannabis instead of narcotics.

"I feel like people are not educated enough, which is one of the reasons that I’ve become so voiced in the cannabis world now is because I just feel that people need to be educated," she told Lift. "So I just decided to make it one of my missions to help educate women especially on the benefits of using cannabis as opposed to pharmaceuticals."

As mentioned above, Zilba has launched her own business called MARZ Ventures. The "Hero" songstress reveals why was it so important for her to open her own cannabis company. 

"It’s really encapsulating everything I have been doing in the cannabis space, all in one company, but embellishing on that and being able to take it to a world-wide level," she told Beat Route.

So what is MARZ Ventures? 

" ‘MARZ Ventures Inc’ is a vertically integrated global cannabis focussed company and is based in Vancouver BC. It is focused on investing, growing and educating in both the Canadian and global legal cannabis market," says the official press release. "The company is significant to Mary as she is a strong advocate for the healthy use and legalisation of marijuana. This advocacy stems from experiences personally and within her family. Mary hopes that MARZ Ventures inc will be part of the movement that breaks the stigma of both medical and recreational use of cannabis as well as educating people worldwide on the wonders that Cannabis can do."

Zilba has interviewed multiple people who are in the cannabis realm via her podcast, Eat, Drink & Be Mary.

For more information about Mary's multiple business ventures and MARZ Ventures visit her official website,

Photo Credit: Mary Zilba's Instagram