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RHOBH Cast Promise Season 9 Will Have A Lot More Than Just Dorit Kemsely Dog Drama With Lisa Vanderpump!

The cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are teasing fans what they can expect in Season 9 and reveal that the drama will be more than just the current adoption dog drama between Dorit Kemsely and Lisa Vanderpump.

“It's two seasons in one, by the way,” Lisa Rinna told Entertainment Tonight. “It's two seasons in one [and] it's gonna blow your f**king mind is what it's gonna do!”

“It's a very long season, too, so it's jammed packed,” Dorit explains. “There's also a lot of fun, there's a lot of new friendships, there's a lot of things that happen this season.”

“It's also about people coming together and really developing friendships, which I think is very cool,” Erika Girardi says. “And you'll see some friendships break in a way that you didn't think they would.”

“There's so many ups and downs!” Teddi Mellencamp says. “It's unbelievable. Complete difference from last year.”

“The changes are so extreme, you just don't know what to expect,” she adds. “And it's just kind of whap, whap, whap, one thing after another. I can only say there's so much of a difference between last year and this year, that's what surprised me the most.”

“It surprised me every day,” Kyle Richards told Entertainment Tonight. “I was actually surprised every single day... I honestly don't have any words [to describe it], ‘cause every day I was like, I didn't know what was gonna happen next and it doesn't feel good to live life like that.”

Photo Credit: Bravo