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Real Housewives Of Johannesburg Star Christall Kay To Compete In A Special Episode Of Come Dine With Me SA!

Christall Kay is set to appear on a special episode of Come Dine with Me SA, which will air on Monday, March 11 at 20:00 at DsTV, Channel 120. The Real Housewives of Johannesburg star says she is going to do something she has never done before at a dinner party – that is cook on television.

“I was taken a bit by surprise when I was asked to do the episode, because I don’t really cook that much,” she told Channel24. “But then I thought about and said to myself you know what, at least I will bring some laughter to the show if nothing else.”

Kay, who rates her cooking skills a six says that she is very nervous about getting everything ready and on time for her night of hosting a dinner party. Kay also reveals that she didn’t choose very easy recipes.

“I didn’t make life easy for myself. I am just praying and hoping that everything is going to look amazing and that the guests are going to enjoy it.”

Kay teases that her menu was inspired by her house. “I looked at my house - I am very lucky to have a pretty house. It is a white French house on a hill and it has a beautiful view. I used that as my inspiration for my dishes,” said Kay.

Christall admitted that she already started practicing her cooking skills before the big day, which she is set to host a three course meal.

“I managed to get through two courses but not my pudding. In the practise run they weren’t too bad, so I was quite inspired by that.”

Kay also revealed what type of strategy she plans to being on the competition - her sense of humor.

“I am looking forward to bonding with the other contestants and having a good laugh. I am going to try not to take it too seriously because I am very competitive. It is important to remember to have a lot of fun and see what happens,” she told Channel24.

Christall will go up against three other celebrities: Soap star Candice Modiselle, fashion designer Gert-Johan Coetzee and drive time radio DJ Lucky Du Plessis, in a bid to win the R10 000 prize for a charity of their choice.

Kay will be playing for Bravado Movement - a charity that supports and educates abused children about their sexual rights.

Photo Credit: 1Magic