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Margaret Josephs Slams Danielle Staub's New Relationship; Says “She’s Sleeping With One Of Her Best Friends Boyfriends”

Margaret Josephs and Danielle Staub's feud continues! Recently, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star slammed Staub's new relationship after divorcing husband of ten months Marty Caffrey and accused Staub of sleeping with one of her best friend's boyfriend.

After a fan slammed Josephs for cheating on her first husband and praised Staub for waiting to date after getting divorced; Margaret slammed Staub's new relationship.

"Yes a very classy move she's sleeping with one of her best friends boyfriends she knows for one week true love for sure !," she shared. "For the record we were never together for 4years but Danielle is a credible source," adding #desperatefriendofahousewife."

As previously reported, Staub shared a photo on her kissing a man on the beach in St. Bart’s on Monday, February 25 via her Instagram, with the caption; "Mystery solved."

So who is Stab's new love interest? According to Us Weekly, she is seeing a businessman named Oliver Maier.

“They are dating and very much in love,” the source told the publication.

As previously reported, Staub and Caffrey finalized the end of their marriage on Thursday, February 21, both appearing before a judge in a Bergen County court, according to PEOPLE.

The hearing started at 9:00am and lasted for less than an hour, saw both agreeing to an uncontested split, according to the publication. Staub will have to vacate the $2.15 million house they’re still living in together in April, unless she buys it and all of the furniture inside it, in which case Caffrey will leave immediately.

Meanwhile, Staub's attorney did request to file a motion against Caffrey to hold him in contempt of court. If accepted, he will have to return for a separate hearing.

Staub's rep said that she is glad to have the troubled times behind her now that her divorce has been finalized. “Danielle is very much looking forward to moving on to the next chapter of her life and is excited to see what that will look like,” Staub’s spokesperson, Steve Honig, told PEOPLE. “She is incredibly grateful for all the support she has received from her children, family and friends.”

As for Caffrey, is looking forward to move on as he reflects back on his relationship with Staub.

“Now that the divorce is final, I feel great relief as well as sadness,” he told PEOPLE in a statement. “Relief comes as I have finally reached the end of the twisted road I was dragged down. I am looking forward to moving on in life with my supportive and loving family and friends around me. However, Danielle and I did fall in love, and it is sad to part from each other this way after experiencing something special together.”

“Looking back on our relationship, it is hard to reconcile that the camera and the show were more important to her than her relationship was with me,” Caffrey continued. “I do think the show led to the destruction of our relationship. I would caution any man who contemplates getting involved with a ‘real housewife’ as I think it takes a special kind of person to expose their private lives in this way and not have it not cause problems. However, I have no regrets about supporting Danielle, and vigorously defending her throughout the last two seasons of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. I bear her no ill will, and I wish her the best in everything she does.”

Photo Credit: Bravo, Instagram