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Magali Gorré Slams RHOCheshire Friend Christine McGuinness’ Racy Valentine’s Day Photos!

A few days ago, some sexy photos of Christine McGuinness surfaced online via The Sun of her wearing lingerie for a racy Valentine's Day photoshoot, which the Real Housewives of Cheshire friend shared on her Instagram page. While many praised her sexy figure, not everyone was a fan.

Magali Gorré,, who was in the first two season of the ITVBe hit reality series took to her Instagram Stories to slam McGuinness for her racy photos.

"A lot of people are asking me what do I think about the Real Housewife that posed on on the newspaper, haven't met her properly but I saw the pictures."

"Why? Why? Why? Why?," said Magali after making a shocking facial expression. "A mommy of three, going out like that?... I thought you were married? I don't get it?"

She continued: "I don't want my sons to look at her arse, yet the whole world is looking at it. I don't get it. I'm going to read it properly," she added: "She must have a reason why she wants to be sexy and act like a horny cat - but why? What is the message?"

While Magali never mentions Christine's name in the video clip, we reached out to Magali to verify who she was talking about, and Magali confirmed to us EXCLUSIVELY that she was in fact talking about Christine McGuinness.

Photo Credit: Instagram