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Lydia Schiavello Reacts To RHOS Cancellation And Confirms She And Gina Liano Are Returning To RHOMelbourne For Season 5; Says Filming Will Start “Soon” And “New Faces” Will Be Added!

Lydia Schiavello is sharing lots of new details about the upcoming fifth season of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. The Foxtel reality star shared the news that she along with co-star Gina Liano are returning to the show during a Twitter Q&A Session, reacted to the cancellation news of RHOS and much more.

Schiavello claims the Foxtel hit reality show will return, but says "no date" has been announced yet. 

When asked if the show will include new cast members, Lydia replied; "Have to wait and see xxx"

Lydia then confirmed to a fan when asked if she and Gina Liano were returning for Season 5. "Of course we are xx," she wrote.

Lydia then confirmed to us via Twitter that her dream cast trip would be "Italy." When we asked her if she has kept in touch with former cast member Andrea Moss, she replied; "Not as much xx."

We then asked Lydia if she was surprised if The Real Housewives of Sydney was cancelled; she said "Unfortunately I wasn't," she wrote adding a laughing emoji face.

However, the inLydia Kitchen owner revealed that the Foxtel hit reality series was "Coming soon" in "2019."

When asked again if the show will include new cast members, Lydia wrote; "You'll see some new faces xx"

Lydia also revealed that filming for Season 5 will kick off "soon."

Last week, Foxtel's executive director of television Brian Walsh officially confirmed to TV Tonight that the hit reality series may in fact return - with some changes.

“Housewives remains an important franchise but we have to be convinced the narrative is there to take it forward,”said Walsh. “After the last series it started to become somewhat repetitive with the girls. It always comes down to Gina having a falling out with the new one. So they are working on that.”

Late last month, Matchbox Pictures, the producers of the show addressed Season 5 rumors. Our good friends over at @housewivesau shared an email that they've received from the production company.

"Emailed Matchbox regarding #RHOMelbourne S5 and I got this response," shared the fan page on Twitter.

"Thanks for taking the time to contact us," wrote Matchbox via email. "We do not currently have any updates on RHOM but when we do, it will be published on the RHOM social media pages."

After the fan page shared the email on Twitter, LALATE replied and insisted that the show will in fact return this year. "#RHOM starts filming in less tham 90 days," said the outlet.

The fan page replied: "Is this for real?!"

In which they responded: "Yes."

As previously reported, LALATE claimed that the current cast members are not aware if new cast members are joining the show, or if they will be invited back.

Despite some ladies teasing that the show has been renewed for another season via their social media pages, sources reveal that "no decision has been made yet by Foxtel."

Apparently, the network "will reveal to returning cast members this February who is coming back, and who is (if at all) joining the cast as a newbie for 2019."

The outlet revealed that "two cast members were rumored to leave, one might exit, and two are being tested."

Photo Credit: Lydia Schiavello, Gina Liano and Foxtel