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Lisa Rinna Thinks Lisa Vanderpump Gets Preferential Treatment From Bravo!

During a recent interview, Lisa Rinna claimed that if she did not film the latter half of season 9 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills like her co-star Lisa Vanderpump, she would have been fired from the Bravo hit reality series.

“I understand that everyone’s grieving process is different and our hearts have gone out to her and we feel so deeply for Lisa Vanderpump,” Rinna said on The Jenny McCarthy Show on Thursday, referring to Vanderpump’s brother, Mark, who died of an apparent overdose in May 2018. “To not show up for work and not contact any of us for two and a half months? I’m so disappointed in that behavior. She’s got 400 employees, I can’t imagine if one of her employees did that. They’d be fired. … There was no consequences.”

Rinna added that LVP refusing to film RHOBH for two months is “a really bad example of women in the workforce” and noted that the SUR and PUMP restaurant owner filmed season 7 of Vanderpump Rules with no interruptions, according to Us Weekly.

“She has another show on Bravo. It’s not a fair — it’s not a fair playing field. I’m sorry, it’s not,” she continued. “I think if the tables were turned and it were me — you know, my father passed away while I was filming the show … I think if it were me I would be fired.”

Following her interview, she received backlash from Vanderpump fans, which Rinna defended herself.

“We tell the truth. That is what this show is about,” Rinna tweeted in response on Friday. “Speak your opinion. Say how you feel.”

She added: “I’m done I did press I said how I Feel. Which is my prerogative. I will continue to be engaged. Now just watch the show.”

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Photo Credit: Getty Images