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Lisa Oldfield Is ‘Dating A New Man’ After Her Split From Husband David Oldfield!

According to a new report, Lisa Oldfield is dating a new man following her split from her husband of seventeen years, David Oldfield. “She’s lost 15kgs and is dating a nice man who is extremely kind, gentle and fun,” a friend of the Real Housewives of Sydney star told The Sydney Morning Herald.

“I've never seen her looking so good or sounding so good – she laughs now when she calls me,” says long-time friend Bryan Wiseman, adding that he is still yet to meet the new man in her life. “Once he is comfortable, I can't wait to meet him. He must be special if he’s making her laugh again ... She's never been this happy.”

He continued: “She's outgoing, she's not the depressed Lisa I have known her to be," he says. “I said to her, 'I don't know how you stayed married for so long.' Since separating, she's come into her own. She's the old Lisa I used to know."

Lisa has moved to her mother Christine's home with her sons Harry and Bert. According to sources, David’s side of the family has rallied around Lisa since their split. “No one is supporting David and I think that speaks volumes," a source told the publication.

Photo Credit: Foxtel, Getty Images