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LeeAnne Locken Finally Debuts New Lighter Hair Color — See Pic Here!

As previously reported, LeeAnne Locken recently went under a hair transformation but the Real Housewives of Dallas star never revealed the final results of her new hair color — until now.

Locken traded her dark black hair for caramel brown with sunkissed highlights - so how does Locken feel about her new look?

“I absolutely love it,” she told PEOPLE. “I feel like a totally new person.”

The Bravo reality star reveals this is the first time she has rocked this hair color in over a decade. Locken, who is a natural blonde explains why she was inspired to dye her hair lighter ahead of her upcoming April wedding to fiancé Rich Emberlin.

“My hair has been super dark, almost black, for so many years and I felt like it was so hard on my skin tone,” Locken explains. “I just felt like it was very harsh and it was prohibitive. Like, I couldn’t be tan with dark hair, it didn’t make sense. And I want to look soft for my wedding. I want to look angelic.”

Credit: Matt Blum via PEOPLE

Locken turned to to Kaycee Clark at Dear Clark Salon in Dallas for her dramatic transformation.

“I was handled by such care by Kaycee,” Locken says. “She and [co-owner Holly Dear] have been taking care of my hair for years. Let’s face it, when you have this much hair, I go once a week to get it washed and dried. I’m like family over there. She’s the only person I would trust to strip the black out.”

“When we started the process, we bleached the whole thing,” Locken adds. “I was platinum blonde for two hours. I was making behind the scenes videos because I thought, ‘I’m never going to see myself this way again.’ And then, after our first coloring, I went back days later and had them put a little more brown on the roots and a little more golden brown on my face.”

So does Rich think of LeeAnne's new look?

“Rich loves it. He would love if I was bald — he doesn’t care,” she told PEOPLE. “You know, for the first time in my life, I have a man who accepts me,” she gushes. “He doesn’t judge me — and that’s just the greatest feeling in the world. Because he accepts me, it gives me the strength and energy to spread my wings and fly even higher. “

Photo Credit: Bravo