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Katie Rost Reveals She Suffered A Miscarriage And Files Sexual Assault Charges Against Her Ex-Husband!

Katie Rost sadly revealed that she suffered a miscarriage. The Real Housewives of Potomac star shared graphic photo of herself laying naked in a bathroom floor with her body dripping in blood. Rost revealed in the comment section of the post she revealed that she lost her baby.

“I miscarried, Jacob took the picture, he posted it on my phone, he was mad, said they killed my baby. I am ok, will take this down now,” she wrote, before deleting the post.

Side note: We will not post the photo due to how graphic but you can view the photo HERE!

Jacob is Katie's current boyfriend. Following the miscarriage, Katie broke her silence, "What a tough week, it took a long time to get here but I know it's the best thing for my health, so happy to be on the west coast. Thanks for all the well wishes along the way...," she shared on Instagram

Katie then accused her ex-husband accused her ex-husband, James Orsini, of abuse. "As soon as I got here, my therapist told me, ‘Katie, let it go, no more lies, no more protection for your abuser.’ And so as vulnerable as this makes me, I’m telling my truth today," she shared. "Even though the state of New Jersey told me I’m not allowed to tell my story and I may go to jail. Here it is from the public record."

Katie also shared a photo of her police report against ex via her Instagram page. In the police report, Katie’s allegations against James were detailed.

"After a previous argument and assault in NY, Def came home and again assaulted the Pla by striking her and kicking her as well as strangling her to the point where she believed she was about to lose consciousness. Actor also digitally penetrated the rectum of the Pla while taunting her, telling her that he hated her and wanted her to leave the apartment."

Katlie has been accusing her ex-husband of abuse for a weeks. She recently encouraged her followers to watch a YouTube video which appears to feature a man, who Katie alleges is James, verbally abusing her, telling her how much he hates her, and at some point referring to her as a “c*nt,” according to Reality Blurb.

Katie has also accused he ex-husband of abuse via her Twitter.

"When I was married to this man he used to go to work high on coke regularly, she alleged. "He drank to the post of passing out nightly. He sexually assaulted using his hand to sodomize me. These things happened to me at the hands of Dr. James Orsini Jr. My abuser. #MeToo," she tweeted. 

Katie also revealed why she created a gofundme page. "In case I am incarcerated for releasing audio of the abuse I have suffered, to defend me and the first amendment," she tweeted. 

"I am a woman and a mother, that's how," Katie told a fan after questioning why she didn't have custody of her children, adding, "I guess you will have to do a lot if research to find out why bad things happen to good people."

Photo Credit: Bravo