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Jeff Lewis Gives An Update On His Relationship With Gage Edwards; Says He Takes ‘100 Percent Responsibility’ For Their Break Up And Reveals He Is Falling Into A ‘Very, Very Deep, Dark Depression’

Jeff Lewis is sharing an update on his relationship with Gage Edward following the announcement of their separation. The Flipping Out star had high hopes that he and Edward were making "progress" when they got ready to have dinner this past weekend, but sadly, the meeting didn't go as planned for the former couple.

“Let’s put it this way: if it were a first date, I would not be going out with this person again,” Jeff said during his Radio Andy show Jeff Lewis Live on Monday, February 11, as reported by PEOPLE. “It was not a great date.”

Lewis said that he first met Gage at his new apartment, which he moved into after staying in a hotel after he moved out from their Hollywood home. They then went to dinner at the NoMad Hotel in Los Angeles where, according to Jeff, Gage began "lecturing" him.

“I was on my best behavior,” Jeff said. “I sat there and I listened, and I listened, and I listened. And I’ve been listening, for the last three weeks, to all the terrible s--t I’ve done and said. And I guess there’s a part of me who feels like I deserve it. So I take it and take it and take it.”

Jeff said that he soon realized that it was "too soon" for him and Gage to be having dinner, and it "should not have happened." “I just wanted it to end,” Jeff shared. “I just wanted to leave, 'cause I realized this was a really bad idea."

He continued: “My inner wounded child showed up at the restaurant and said, ‘F--k off, Gage.' And [I] got up and walked into the lobby. Literally I just got to the point where I was like, ‘F--k off, Gage,’" Jeff recalled. "And I took a minute and I texted him, ‘I’m in the lobby, the car’s out front, I’ll take you home.’ And he just didn’t respond.”

After texting Edward several more times and not receiving a response, Lewis said that he went back into the restaurant, and his ex was gone. He then found him waiting for an Uber. Jeff claimed he offered to drive his ex home, but he declined.

Jeff said he called Gage the next day to take responsibility for why their relationship ended. Lewis also said that he realized it may have been too soon for them to try to reconcile. “I actually don’t think we should be sharing a meal anytime soon,” Jeff said, according to PEOPLE.

Jeff acknowledged that he has "a very hurt, wounded inner child," which is something that he hopes to change. "But that’s not what I want for the next chapter of my life," he shared. "No one is going to be around me, including my child, if I don’t make these changes.”

After their disastrous dinner date, Lewis said that he told his ex over the phone: “I just want you to know I have heard everything you’ve had to say to me in the last couple of weeks, and I take 100 percent responsibility for what has gone wrong in this relationship, and I truly feel like I have failed you, I have failed my child, and I have failed my family,” said Jeff during his Radio Andy show Jeff Lewis Live on Monday, February 11, as reported by PEOPLE.

Jeff said that he made it clear to Edward how bad he feels about the way things ended in their relationship. “I said, ‘I could not feel more like a failure. I could not feel any worse than how I feel today,'” Jeff shared. “‘I want you to know that you’ve already given me a thousand examples of why I’ve been an a--hole and I agree with you. I do not need another thousand examples.”

He continued: “I’m working really hard to implement these changes in my life and what I would prefer to have from you is support and acknowledgement,” Jeff said he told his ex. “So if you see at any point that I’ve reacted differently to a situation or if you’ve noticed any changes, as little as they may be, I would love a little word of encouragement.”

“I do not want you to beat the s--t out of me anymore because I am [spiraling] into a very, very deep, dark depression, and I want to stop this now.”

Jeff also acknowledged that he hasn't always had the nicest things to say about Edward while speaking about him on his radio show in the past two weeks since announcing their split. “I did not host the radio last week. My wounded inner child did,” Jeff said, referring to a part of his personality he identified through therapy, according to PEOPLE. “Your inner child lives in all of us, it lives in our unconscious mind, and it basically makes choices on how we respond to situations."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo