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Erika Girardi Weighs In On NeNe Leakes’ Feud With Lisa Vanderpump — LVP Denies NeNe’s Allegations That She Stole Pump Concept From Her!

Erika Girardi is sharing her thoughts on the drama between NeNe Leakes and her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Lisa Vanderpump. If you recall, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star claimed that Vanderpump stole the Pump Restaurant concept from her. So who does Erika believe?

“NeNe don’t lie,” she told Us Weekly. “NeNe can take damn good care of herself.”

But LVP is denying Leakes' allegations. “It’s the first thing I’ve heard about it in six years, so it’s been a surprise,” she told reporters, according to PEOPLE. “It’s my 35th restaurant.”

She added: “It’s from the same landlord as the landlord at SUR,” she continued. “It’s 200 yards down the road. I didn’t really need anyone to point it out to me, but thanks anyway.”

As previously reported, Leakes revealed during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that she wanted to to go “head to head” with Lisa Rinna, but the Georgia peach later revealed that she actually meant to say Rinna's co-star Lisa Vanderpump.

"You know I actually said the wrong name. … I meant Lisa Vanderpump. I did not mean to say Lisa Rinna," said Leakes on Jenny McCarthy’s SiriusXM show, according to Us Weekly.  "She knows that we have a little something, something she did to me. I’ve never really addressed it. … She did some real foul s—t to me."

After McCarthy encouraged her to “address” the topic regarding Vanderpump, Leakes revealed that she initially wanted to buy the space on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood that the Vanderpump Rules boss now owns and turned into Pump Restaurant.

"At the time, Greg [Leakes] and I were living in [Los Angeles] and I was working on Glee and New Normal,” Leakes told McCarthy. "We ride down that West Hollywood area where all the gay bars are — and I have a large gay fanbase — and I kept thinking, ‘It would be so cool if I had a bar right in here somewhere.’ And that space was empty and kind of raggedy-looking and torn down."

Leakes then claimed she called Vanderpump to get her opinion on the idea, since she owns restaurants in the same area, which are Villa Blanca and SUR.

"She said, ‘Oh darling, darling, it’s a piece of crap and they’re charging so much for it, darling,’" Leakes said. "She talked me off of it and then went and got it. … That’s so f—ked up."

Leakes added that she and Vanderpump have never talked about the incident. "Now when she sees me, she has this little dog that doesn’t even crawl and she’s like, ‘Hi NeNe,’" Leakes told McCarthy, referring to Vanderpump’s dog Giggy. "She just looks at me funny. … We’re gonna get Lisa Vanderpump. Lisa Rinna, I’m sorry I didn’t mean you, I meant Vander-lump."

Photo Credit: Bravo