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Dorit Kemsley’s Husband PK Still Owes $1.7 Million To Las Vegas Casino!

According to new court records obtained by The Blast, Dorit Kemsley's husband Paul “PK” Kemsley still owes $1,700,000 to Las Vegas casino. The Bellagio Hotel and Casino revealed the exact amount the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills husband still owes them on the $3.6 million casino marker he took out years ago.

Bellagio, who have been taking steps to begin the process of seizing Kemsley’s assets, reveal that since 2015, Kemsley paid off a total of $565,000 on the debt but currently still owes $1,705,000 — plus interest of $19,268.37 — for a grand total of $1,724,268.37, according to the outlet.

The Bellagio has also filed a writ of execution which directs the United States Marshal to enforce the judgment against PK and have placed a judgment against the Beverly Hills mansion Dorit and PK and currently trying to sell, reports The Blast.

As previously reported, the casino sued PK back in 2013 after he allegedly failed to pay back the multi-million dollar marker. He had made a few payments of $875,000 but then filed for bankruptcy in the U.K. and was able to get his debt wiped clean.

The casino fought the debt because they were never notified and claimed the order from the U.K. wasn’t valid. They ended up receiving a few more payments from PK but he still owed over $2.27 million.

A settlement was planned between the two parties in 2015 for him to repay the remaining millions, which obligated PK to make payments until June 2018. He made the payments for years but then last year the casino claimed he stopped making payments and demanded a judgment on the remaining balance owed.

The judge signed off on the Bellagio’s request, allowing them to start going after PK to seize any assets he may have to collect on the debt. The amount Kemsley owed was originally kept confidential, reported The Blast.

Photo Credit: Bravo