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Dorit Kemsley And Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Speak Out On Dog Drama With Lisa Vanderpump!

Following Tuesday night's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, cast members Dorit Kemsley and Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave revealed details about their dog drama with Lisa Vanderpump on Twitter.

As hinted on next week's episode, LVP's husband prints out alleged text messages from Mellancamp. Now, Teddi is addressing the subject by teasing that she can also share her side of the exchanged text messages.

"I hope next week Ken doesn't leave out the part in those messages that confirms Lisa set this up... neat thing about texts is I can print them out as well. #RHOBH," she tweeted.

When a fan called her out for the tweet mentioned about, she fired back. "So they can print out texts and call me a liar but I can't respond?"

Meanwhile, Dorit shared more details about the drama surrounding Lucy, the dog and LVP.

Dorit writes; "We had Lucy for 6 months. I tried everything to get her well adjusted including having @TamarGeller one of the most respected dog trainers in LA. Lucy went to a woman who really wanted her and I told Lisa V straight away."

Dorit then claims that she notified LVP "immediately" after she gave Lucy away. "Yes I told Lisa V immediately," she replied to a fan.

"In hindsight," Dorit claims she "really" wished she should have taken Lucy back to Vanderpump Dogs.

Regardless, Dorit, who reveals to be an animal lover defends her reasons why she ended up giving away Lucy. "I grew up with dogs my whole life and I love animals. If your dog had bitten one of your children and your kids(who loves dogs) were scared of her biting them would you keep her and risk worse damage to your kids," she clapped back at a viewer.

Dorit later then claims that she notified LVP "straight away" but she claims that she was never asked to bring back Lucy. 

"I informed Lisa V straight away and she never asked me to bring Lucy back to the center so they could find her a new home. I would have collected Lucy straight away and brought her back if that was her wish," she wrote.

When Dorit gets accused of lying on WWHL about the dog incident; she responds: "When the girls ask me why I didn't tell Lisa I say in front of Lisa V that I told her and she confirms it! Some people just want to believe what they believe regardless of the actual facts presented. Good luck with that."

Dorit then agreed with a fan that the person she gave Lucy too should have informed her that she was taking the pup to a dog shelter. "We most certainly should have been informed," wrote Dorit. "We were very upset about that."

Dorit claims that LVP was aware of what happened to Lucy prior to filming Season 9 of the Bravo hit reality series. "LVP knows that. We had those discussions before we even started filming."

Dorit also reveals what happened to the other dog she adopted from Vanderpump Dogs but later returned prior to Lucy. "I was told she's in a lovely home with other dogs with no children."

Kemsley says if LVP would have reached out to her about what happened to Lucy, she would have taken her back Vanderpump Dogs herself.  "All she would have had to say and I would have brought Lucy back to Lisa straight away."

Dorit then spills more tea about her adopting on Vanderpump Dogs and why things went different with Lucy. "We first adopted a 3 year old very abused dog who was territorial over me and wouldn't let the kids around me. Which is why I would've felt comfortable doing the same had a woman not come into out lives begging to take Lucy."

Dorit claims that "Lucy was always fine. Never hurt or in danger."

Dorit then claims that she "did ask" LVP "if it was true." Then she adds that you'll see it on next weeks episode."

Dorit then reveals why she didn't ended up taking Lucy back to LVP. "When we contemplated giving Lucy back at VD [Vanderpump Dogs] a biz associate came to our home and Lucy and she fell in love with one another. I beleived we were doing the right thing and I called Lisa V to tell her," she explained. "I wish Lisa had just asked me to bring Lucy back at that point." 

Dorit ended the night by revealing how Lucy ended up attacking her husband PK. "Lucy slept in out bed with us. She was a nervous dog(we didn't realize how nervous at the time) and she bit PK while he was sleeping. He may have moved or coughed and it was a reaction by Lucy."

 What are your thoughts on the whole dog drama? Sound off in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Bravo