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D’Andra Simmons And LeeAnne Locken Unveil New Lighter Hair Color — See Pics Here!

D'Andra Simmons and LeeAnne Locken's friendship was tested during the third season of The Real Housewives of Dallas. While the two ladies are currently at odds, they currently share one thing in common — they both recently made major changes to their hair.

Locken, who has been a brunette these last few years went back to her natural hair color, which is blonde. Locken shared the process of her hair transformation via her Instagram Stories from the hair salon. "Seriously, people put this stuff on this scalp and let me tell you what it feels like: my head is on fire," LeeAnne sang to the tune of that Alicia Keys song, reports Bravo's The Lookbook.

"It's a process," she repeated to herself, and she was so into her hair that she forgot whether it was #TransformationTuesday or #HumpDayWednesday.

"You know, ya'll this is what happens when you color your hair. You lose f---ing brain cells," she joked.

LeeAnne hasn't posted the finished photo of her hair after sharing the process of dying her hair blonde. 

Meanwhile, D'Andra Simmons also went under a hair transformation. The beauty mogul has been stealthily dying her hair lighter for months, and last week she shared the results of her new color. "After the reunion, we decided we were going to do a change and go lighter. It's been a process," she said on Instagram Stories as she chatted with her hairstylist Liz Contreas about the three or four coloring sessions they've done since November. The goal was to add caramel and honey colors throughout D'Andra's mane while keeping dark pieces to make her eyes pop, reports Bravo's The Lookbook

"I don't want to go light light. Mama Dee [Simmons] you know how light she is. I'm not ready to go that light," D'Andra said on Instagram Stories. "But as you age, you need to go a little bit lighter. Normally it makes you look younger."

Moments later, Simmons shared the final results of her much lighter hair color for her followers to see.

Over the weekend, Simmons make-up artists shared an update on her look via Twitter.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo