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Claudia Jordan Reveals The Real Reason Why She Didn’t Return To The Real Housewives Of Atlanta!

Claudia Jordan is spilling the tea about her Real Housewives of Atlanta exit. The former Celebrity Apprentice contestant reveals the real reason why she didn't return to the Bravo hit reality series after appearing on Season 7.

Jordan, who shared a #FlashbackFriday photo of her time on RHOA, she spilled the tea in the comment section as to why she decided to not to return.

Jordan claims it was to protect her then relationship, since she didn't want to expose that part of her life on the show.

"[I] didn’t wanna come back as a friend of the show and that was my only option if i wasn’t going to share my relationship on the show. At the time and the guy I was seeing had too much to lose going on there (super successful and known but i kept it very private like usual) and good thing we didn’t go public on the show-turns out he was not the most honest! I woulda been humiliated! #DodgedABullet," she shared.

Jordan who seems relieved that she didn't share her then relationship on RHOA added; "it woulda been a disaster! I rarely go public with my relationships. I let people push that narrative that I “can’t get a man” (how ridiculous is that?) meanwhile I’m enjoying my relationships with no interference. But THAT one even spoke to producers and everything!"

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Photo Credit: Bravo