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Tamra Judge Apologizes For Her Son Ryan Vieth’s Transphobic Posts; Says She Has “Nothing But Love & Respect For The LGBTQ Community”

Tamra Judge took to Instagram to address her son Ryan Vieth’s controversial transphobic Instagram posts and apologizes for his comments. “I'd like to address the many comments regarding my son Ryan’s posts on Instagram. I have been extremely upset my son would post such a thing.” wrote the Real Housewives of Orange County star, while sharing an inspirational Martin Luther King quote.

She continued: “A post that I did NOT see because he took it down immediately knowing it was WRONG. admittedly, I had a concerned “mom" moment when referring to a post about a 5-year-old making life altering decisions. My comment did not come from a place of hate. I've encouraged Ryan to make his own amends but in the meantime, I'm extremely sorry, His words were harsh & unacceptable.”

She added: “I have nothing but love & respect for the LGBTQ community....always have always will. I will continue 2019 with a renewal of peace, wellness & love for all.”

As previously reported, Vieth came under fire when he shared a screenshot of a U.K. article which read, “Britain’s first transgender family reveals son, 5, is also transitioning,” on Tuesday, January 15, via Instagram, according to Us Weekly.

"LETS BE F—KING REAL, THE WORLD IS F—KED. COMPLETELY F—KED," he wrote in a since-deleted post. The article screenshot also included a comment that states, "The only thing that kid should be transitioning into is being a 6 year old. Anything else is abusive brainwashing."

Judge “liked” the post and commented, "Wow that’s sad. 5 year old can not make a decision like that." The mother-of-four ended up deleted her comment before the post was removed. All About The Tea took a screenshot of the deleted post/comment.

On Thursday, January 17, Vieth encourage a Colorado baker to shoot a trans person who is suing the baker for discrimination. Posting a news article with the headline, "Colorado baker back in court after refusing to make a cake celebrating gender transition," Vieth wrote, "Hopefully this guy goes on a rampage and kills whatever transgendered fuk head took him to court. Ooops did I just say that. This country needs to kill off this f*ckery bullshit."

All About The Tea took a screenshot of the deleted post/comment. See below!

The 33-year-old eventually took down his comment, replacing it with one addressing his controversial statement. "Repost, deleted the entire post when I tried to delete someone comment for calling me a vile person hahahaha. You want to be transgender cool that’s your life but don’t push your transgender bulls**t on me or America," he posted.

A source close to Bravo reality star told Us Weekly that she “does not share the same beliefs as her son.” The source reveals that Judge “did not mean to offend” anyone.

"She was commenting on the story itself and felt a 5-year-old might be too young to make those decisions," the source says.

Meanwhile another source claimed that Judge was “humiliated” after her son Vieth received major backlash for a rant against the transgender community  — and forced him to take down the offending post.

"She freaked out on him," a source told Radar Online. "She made him delete everything."

The source also claimed that the network is standing behind Judge following the controversy, and she won’t be fired for her troubling comment. Vieth has since deleted his Instagram account and many fans of the Bravo hit reality series have taken to social media to reveal that they want Bravo to fire Judge, reports All About The Tea.

Photo Credit: Google Images