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Sonja Morgan Admits She Was ‘Not Happy’ With Harry Dubin After He Was Spotted Kissing Ramona Singer!

Sonja Morgan admits she wasn't too happy seeing pictures of her ex-boyfriend Harry Dubin kissing her Real Housewives of New York City co-star Ramona Singer all over the internet.

“I was not happy with those photos of Harry and Ramona,” she told Us Weekly. “I don’t care who Ramona sucks face with at this point. I can’t keep up with the numbers. But I wasn’t happy with Harry because Harry’s always trying to court me … since 30 years ago.”

She added: “He’s just, like, getting another notch on his belt the way I look at it.”

As previously reported, the two were spotted locking lips around midnight in December at Pomona restaurant in Midtown, according to TMZ. Following the pictures surfacing all over the internet, Dubin set the record straight about their kiss.

“No we’re not dating… she’s a good friend of mine,” he told Radar Online. “Anyone would be honored to date her, but I’m not.”

“It was the angle of the camera that looks like we were making out,” he said. “There’s thousands of pictures where someone looks like they’re doing something they’re not. I didn’t know anyone was snapping anything.”

Dubin was also linked to one of Singer's former co-stars: He was married to Aviva Drescher, who appeared on the Bravo hit reality series during the show's fifth and sixth season.

So how does Aviva feel about her ex-husband making out with Singer? “I didn’t mind being the first to kiss Harry but glad I am not the last!” she told Us Weekly.

Photo Credit: Getty Images