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Shamari DeVoe And Marlo Hampton Shade Each Other On Twitter!

Shamari DeVoe and Marlo Hampton got into a shady Twitter war after the Real Housewives of Atlanta newcomer threw major shade at Hampton during Sunday night's episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

When a caller asked DeVoe who does she believe is the shadiest peach on RHOA, she responded: "Of course I'm gonna say.... Wait a minute, Marlo is not a housewife is she?," said Shamari, which Andy called her shade as "shady boots."

Marlo took to Instagram to clap back at Shamari's shade. "Thanks @ShamariDeVoe I’m flattered you’re a fan😘; shadiest peach, without a peach, I must be doing something right 😉you looked cute last night though girl, thanks to that fire I put up under those church lace fronts and 1999 outfits"

In which Shamari responded; "Awww!  You're welcome, friend (of the show) @iheartMarlo !  I'll be sure to send you an edible arrangement when I get back to Atlanta after doing MY NYC press tour for being a CAST MEMBER of #RHOA... Which hotel and alias are you using this week so I can make sure you get them?"

However, Marlo was not going to go out without a shady fight and responded to DeVoe's tweet. "See @ShamariDeVoe once again I have to school you on Fabulosity! Edible arrangement ... my toddler nephews don’t even eat that, try a nice Godiva package, and the alias I’m using this week is wife to Ronnie - same as you 😘"

Shamari clapped back in a now deleted tweet, and fired back at Marlo with the following tweet: "Oh, MarHO! @iheartMarlo The government is still shut down! Use this opportunity of low credit security to scam to get the latest Gucci instead of putting miles on your coochi this week, Me AND MY husband are busy. Scream, girl! #TryMeAnotherDay"

Shamari added: "In the words of @Porsha4real and @CynthiaBailey10 “Fun Shade” 😂"

So how does Andy feel about this shady Twitter feud between Marlo and Shamari? He tweeted, "This can’t end well"

What are your thoughts? Are you #TeamShamari or #TeamMarlo? Sound off in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Bravo