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Scheana Shay Has A Message For Her Online Haters!

Scheana Shay took to social media to share a message with her online haters. "It amazes me how 99% of my haters are women. It’s 2019. Let’s make this a year of spreading positivity and building each other up instead of tearing each other down," wrote the Vanderpump Rules star.

She continued: "I swear, it literally boggles my mind how much negativity comes from other women. Just bc I’ve put myself on reality tv gives you the right to body shame and insult me? No. I’m on reality tv to entertain, to share my story and to hopefully help others who have gone thru similar situations."

She added: "Let’s make this a year of supporting each other being happy for one another. 💗💗💗#SpreadLoveNotHate @icherishwaters thanks for the photo!!"

Photo Credit: Bravo