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Marlo Hampton And Shamari DeVoe Continue Their Shady Twitter Feud!

Marlo Hampton and Shamari DeVoe continue to shade each other on social media. DeVoe has been on a press tour promoting the current season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and while her recent appearance on The Breakfast Club radio show, the hosts of the show asked DeVoe to address her feud with Hampton.

“I mean Marlo, she is notorious – she’s known for engaging in arguments with the cast for you know, attention. She’s got into it with NeNe, Porsha, Cynthia everybody so now I just – I guess it’s my turn,” she shared. “She really got upset because I went on Watch What Happens Live and they asked me who the shadiest housewife was and I was like ‘Oh wait… Marlo is not a housewife’ so she got really upset and she decided to address me on Twitter.”

During the show, Shamari threw some more shade at Marlo, calling her fashion “bootleg,” also added that Hampton “scams people” and that she “sleeps with old men.”

“She’s trying to come for me for my fashions and I’m like, just because I don’t wear the Fendi’s and the Louboutins and all that – I have twins, like – I’m not trying to be dressed up in all of that like, you know – it’s just not me.”

She added: “I dress how I want to dress but it’s like the whole season she’s just coming after me and I really think it’s because I have something that she wants. She wants to be married, she wants children, she wants a peach. You know all of that.”

Following the interview, Marlo took to Twitter to respond to Shamair's comments that she made about her on the morning radio show. “Hey One Hit Wonder @ShamariDeVoe I don’t want your life owing almost 400k in back taxes & sharing the Legend w/t other women yeah that’s what I strive for 😂 focus on your husband & career, not me. I am NOT your storyline, shit I guess I am 🤷🏽‍♀️ I’ll be ready for our next press run.”

But Shamari clapped back at responded to Marlo's shady tweet. “Listen, baby lamb ... no need 2 get angry, have a tantrum, & stomp around in your designer pumps!  U started with the #FunShade and I’m just sending it back 2 you!  Let’s call it a truce and I’ll see you at the reunion when Andy brings out the supporting cast... ok, sweet face?”

She continued: “5 million albums sold is a “one hit wonder”?   Whhhoo chile the delusion of it all!  Sis, acting like she sits on  front rows with Anna Wintour and Kim K...”

Marlo, who is no stranger to shade fired back with a photo of Kermit the Frog with the caption; “See you at the reunion diva.”

Meanwhile, Marlo tweeted: “@ShamariDeVoe Baby Kermit about time you get a press tour considering you been on hiatus for over 20 years, I won’t continue to help secure your rotten 🍑especially when this supporting cast member makes way more than you 🤑 see you at the reunion, please wear something cute.”

As for Shamari, she tweeted a gif of Belle from Beauty and the Beast visiting the library with the caption; “The library is always open...  ok, I’m done!  Have a good evening! #MariMob”

Who's side are you on? Are you #TeamShamari or #TeamMarlo? Sound off in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Bravo