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LeeAnne Locken Says Andy Cohen Is ‘So Ready’ To Become A Father!

Real Housewives of Dallas star LeeAnne Locken is spilling the tea about what went down at Andy Cohen's baby shower, where Real Housewives stars from all over the nation reunited to honor Baby Cohen at The Palm on Saturday, January 26.

“Surreal and unreal all at the same time,” she told Life & Style about Cohen's epic baby shower. “Honestly, it’s never happened before, and I don’t think it will ever happen again.”

LeeAnne thinks there's only one way this epic moment can ever be done again. “Maybe when Andy’s baby gets married!”

Locken also reveals why she believes Cohen will make an amazing parent. “He’s looking forward to everything,” she admitted. “The joy on his face, the excitement he was exuding. He is so ready for this and is overflowing with love. I’ve never seen someone so happy – it makes me want to cry thinking about it!”

“I can’t wait to see Andy pour all of this love into one human,” she added. “This little baby boy is going to grow up with so much confidence and peace about being wanted and loved. I’m so happy for the baby and Andy.”

Photo Credit: Bravo