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Kandi Burruss And Tamar Braxton Are Feuding On Celebrity Big Brother!

Kandi Burruss and Tamar Braxton are currently inside the Celebrity Big Brother house. The two singers who run in the same circles in Atlanta have been clashing during the three-night premiere of the CBS hit reality series.

Despite their issues, Braxton and Burruss vowed not to vote each other out and formed an alliance with some of their housemates. However, the two have been butting heads are they have reignite their feud.

Tamar brought up to Kandi that their relationship hasn't been the best in the past, but Burruss was confused as to why she would say that. "Tamar and I have a long history together. A year ago, we went on tour with my group Xscape," she said in the diary room during the January 23 episode of CBB. "And some of that time was tough, but I thought we were good."

However, Tamar told Kandi that she felt like she was talking about her behind her back while they were on tour. Kandi said she didn't remember ever saying anything about Tamar. "The tour, it was horrible for me because I was having trouble in my marriage, I was having issues in my career, things were all over the place. You personally interjected yourself in the situation by talking crazy about me when you just should have said nothing," Tamar said to Kandi. "From my perspective, it was totally, utterly disrespectful and unprofessional."

But Kandi was totally taken aback by Tamar's last statement. "Tamar thinks that our group was purposely trying to be mean to her, we were purposely trying to mess up her set," Kandi explained in the diary room during the episode. "But the bottom line is we would not do all of those things on purpose to make her life bad on the tour. We were happy that she was there. So whatever she's thinking is clearly a misunderstanding."

Kandi then started laughing while still talking to Tamar, which upset her and Tamar felt disrespected. The Braxton Family Values star then exited the conversation and started sobbing in the diary room.

Tamar later approached Kandi and said that the two should have another conversation after this season of CBB ends. But Kandi said that she didn't think they should talk about this anymore because she didn't "want it to get emotional."

Things became heated between the two of them again after Kandi said that she felt like Tamar was being "petty" and having a "tantrum" about the situation. “I can’t believe we're still arguing about this. Like, I don’t even know what she wants me to say to make her feel better," Kandi said in the diary room. "I mean, it’s not getting any better. Let’s just agree to disagree.”

Tamar approached Kandi again, and they finally both agreed to stop arguing, move on, and hug it out. But Tamar may have had an ulterior motive for extending an olive branch to Kandi. “OK, so me and Kandi hug because, honey, let me just be honest with you, there are bigger fish to fry. We gotta make sure Lolo stays off the block ‘cause that’s my girl for real," Tamar said in the diary room, revealing her plans to save fellow houseguest Lolo Jones from becoming a nominee.

Transcript courtesy via Bravo

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo, CBS