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Jeff Lewis Confirms He And Boyfriend Gage Edward Are Separated And Reveals Gage Moved Out; Says “This Has Been A Long Time Coming”

Another Bravo reality couple bites the dust. Jeff Lewis has confirmed that he and Gage Edward have called it quits after more than eight years together. The Flipping Out star announced the news of their split during his Sirius XM show, Jeff Lewis Live, on Thursday, January 31. “I have to tell you … and I don’t think this is actually bad news, but Gage actually moved out of the house last night,” Lewis revealed.

“So, he went into a hotel,” Lewis explained, according to Us Weekly. “This has been a long time coming. We’ve been in separate rooms for a very long time … we’ve had a lot of discussions about it … it was kind of like a roommate situation. And I think the reason we hadn’t ripped the Band-Aid off and actually separated was because, A, we have the baby, and neither one of us want to leave the baby. And then, also, financially, it wasn’t the best time.”

Lewis labeled their recent relationship as closer to “friends with benefits.” While they were not sleeping in the same room, they often had sexual encounters, Lewis claimed that the situation also made it hard for them to part ways.

“We were like friends with benefits. We would still hook up, inconsistently,” Lewis said. “I was still encouraged, like, ‘There’s still something here… he’s still interested in me… But there was a real lack of intimacy because he wasn’t in my room. So I actually felt very lonely and sad and disappointed.”

“That arrangement doesn’t work for me. I already feel tortured by this — for months, and months, and months,” Lewis recalled on Jeff Lewis Live, explaining that he has asked Edward to leave. ” I said to him, ‘I want to be very clear, I’m not throwing you out. I’m not breaking up with you. I’m here. You need time and space to get perspective.’ ”

He continued: “I hope he gets the clarity and perspective he needs,” Lewis continued. “There’s so much anger that he has lost sight of the good things. Every time we have one of these discussions, it’s so overwhelmingly negative. I have a very different perspective. Last year was hell, but I remember nine pretty solid years. We had some fun. So I said to him, ‘I encourage you to work through that resentment and focus on the positive things because there could be more to come.’ ”

“I’m hoping that the guy wakes up. I’m hoping that he sits in his hotel room, misses his family, starts focusing on the positive, and stops focusing on the negative. That’s what I’m really hoping.”

Lewis shared more details on what led to his split from Edward. “We kind of thought we were breaking up,” he said. “And then something happened around December, where I was like, shit, this is getting real … I didn’t help the matter any, at all. I didn’t fight for the relationship, I didn’t work at the relationship.”

Lewis noted that around New Year’s he realized he didn’t really want to split, and began to fight really hard to keep their relationship going but “it was too late.” Lewis added that during their parting conversation he told Edward,“I’m not throwing you out and I’m not breaking up with you.”

He also revealed that their 2-year-old daughter, Monroe — whom they welcomed in October 2016 via surrogate — will be staying with him for now.

Photo Credit: Getty Images