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James Kennedy’s Mother Jacqueline Georgiou Comes To His Defense And Explains Why He Never Should Have Been Fired From SUR; Calls Out Katie Maloney And Kristen Doute!

James Kennedy's mom Jacqueline Georgiou took to Instagram to come to his defense amid his ongoing feud with the rest of the cast of Vanderpump Rules. The mother-of-three shared an open letter she wrote to the fans of the show in pencil and paper, explaining why she's defending her son's actions and why she decided to meet with Lisa Vanderpump during this week's episode of the Bravo hit reality series.

She wrote:

“To Whom It May Concern

When I filmed with Lisa I had no idea what had happened, regarding my son being fired

I watch VPR episodes as they are  like everyone else + in my opinion James should never have been fired

-James never used the word “fat” nor did he speak to Katie first. She commented on his shorts + James then responded…Let’s not claim to be a feminist then play victim

James was “working” is there a reason for condoning this in the workplace?
Harassment (Single white female style) not forgetting Ms. Doute repeatedly beat the shit out of my son on previous episodes…
Is this not considered abouse + battery? Or is it because he is male he should take it??
Hypocrisy… double standards 

-Mother figure…
Anyone with 1/2 a brain should know what I meant 

-Raquel constantly being verbally abused
So all of you judges + jurors before you speak + give your opinion
Unless YOU are LIVING your best “OPRAH LIFE”

Jacqueline Georgiou / Mother”

If you recall, Kennedy got fired from SUR after he told co-star Katie Maloney to “lose some f—king weight.” The reason Kennedy lost his job was because Kate gave Lisa an ultimatum and claimed that she would quit her job at SUR if she did not fire James, according to Us Weekly.

After he was let go, Jacqueline attempted to convince Lisa to give her son another chance.

“I get that there’s this whole movement of women, but when women come at my son, where does James go to?” Jacqueline said in the episode before Lisa pointed out that James is “drinking way too much.”

Jacqueline added: “But the point is, if women are attacking him, how does he defend himself? … People provoke him!”

Photo Credit: Bravo