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James Kennedy’s Girlfriend Raquel Leviss Calls Out Lala Kent For Joining The ‘Mean Girls Club’

DJ James Kennedy's girfriend Raquel Leviss took to Twitter to call out Lala Kent. The former beauty queen slammed the Vanderpump Rules star for joining the "mean girls club."

"Lala Kent Joins the Mean Girls Club and Never Looks Back," she shared on Twitter on January 22 after being tagged on a article about Kent dissing her and SUR hostess Billie Lee.

Last month, Leviss fired back at her co-stars who have called her "stupid" and "dumb" for dating Kennedy. “Tonight’s episode was an emotional one for me. Using the word dumb to describe why I choose to stay with James is completely inappropriate,” she shared on Instagram.

“I grew up not knowing I had a learning disability and wasn’t diagnosed with ADD until college. Learning was always difficult for me and not passing my ice cream multiplication test was one of the easliest challenges I faced. However I am NOT stupid.”

She continued: “In fact in college I figured out the way I learned best and worked very hard for my degree graduating with honors.  Words like STUPID and DUMB are just as offensive as the word FAT.”

She added: “Some other adjectives that more accurately describe the situation are patience, understand, empathetic and forgiving. #pumprules”

Photo Credit: Getty Images