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Danielle Staub Opens Up About Her Divorce Drama And Apologizes To RHONJ Co-Stars For Her Bridezilla Behavior; Plus Find Out Why Danielle May Not Appear At Season 9 Reunion!

Danielle Staub and Marty Caffrey recently filed a second restraining order against each other. Now, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star is opening up about her nasty public divorce drama and apologizes to her co-stars for her bridezilla behavior.

"I'm eager to end this marriage as quickly as possible and I believe Marty is dragging it out to keep it present in the media and torment me and further abuse me," Staub said on TMZ late last week  about her ongoing divorce drama with estranged husband.

"Marty refuses to mediate, refuses to end the marriage, which he filed for divorce for, now I'm in agreement with him not to be married. I really wish it would be over and get out of the public eye."

Staub then apologized to her RHONJ co-stars for her bridezilla behavior, which her wedding to Caffrey aired last week. "After watching the last two episodes of the show, I see how horribly I acted and I'm ashamed of my behavior and very embarrassed by it," she told TMZ. "I want to apologize to all the ladies. I've been going through a lot; it doesn't make any excuses for it, but they do deserve an apology. So I'm trying to do that right now."

It's been reported that RHONJ Season 9 reunion taping will take place this Thursday, January 10. However, Staub may no appear due to her ongoing divorce drama with Marty. According to Radar Online, the two are set to face off in court over their restraining order, which is the same day as the reunion taping and Caffrey won’t postpone the court date for the taping

"I have no plans to allow a delay or a continuation on January 10," Caffrey told Radar about their upcoming court date for the temporary restraining order. “I don’t want it to be changed or postponed. This is more important than taping a reality show!”

Staub’s rep responded: “A judge decides if there is going to be a postponement, not Marty.”

Photo Credit: Google Images