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Billie Lee Opens Up About ‘Girls Night In’ Drama And Apologizes To Katie Maloney For Talking About Her Weight And For Saying She Used The ‘Fat Card’

Billie Lee is addressing all the drama that went down on Monday night's episode of Vanderpump Rules. If you recall, Katie Maloney threw a girls night event at SUR and Billie was not included, which many accused Lee's co-workers of being "transphobic" for excluding the hostess, elevating the drama to a whole new level.

"It's shocking that we're talking about this and using that word -- and everyone kept using the word -- including Lisa [Vanderpump]," Lee told Entertainment Tonight when talking about people calling her co-stars "transphobic." "I never once said that. I had so many trans people reach out to me and say, 'I deal with transphobia at the workplace all the time. I deal with this. Keep your head up.'"

Lee said she was liking and showing her trans support on social media. She explained that what "shook" her the most was that instead of her co-stars asking her how she felt, they began attacking her.

"Instead of one of them reaching out to me and saying, 'I understand. Let's just talk about this. What's going on? I didn't mean this. I didn't mean to exclude you.' Instead, they immediately became the victim," Lee expressed. "They were bad-mouthing me and telling me, 'How dare. I can't believe you would think this of me.' But not one person was like, 'Let's see what the trans person's actually feeling.' And it was just attacking and I just never got to talk about my feelings."

Billie also apologized for talking about Maloney's weight and saying she used the "fat card." "I do apologize about the fat card. I think Katie has an amazing body. I actually have body contouring surgery this season to have more of a curvy body," Lee told Entertainment Tonight. "I think she's beautiful. I think she's sexy. I just think that she should've been a little bit more aware of her surroundings and not so self-involved so she can include other people."

Lee also added that people need to "think about how it is to be a minority in America," whether it's race or gender oriented.

Photo Credit: Bravo