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Vicki Gunvalson Slams Kelly Dodd And Accuses Her Of Not Having “No Job Or Career” — Kelly Claps Back!

While Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson seemed to reconcile during The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 13 reunion taping, the two have continued to feud on social media after the OG of the OC slammed Dodd. The drama kicked off after Vicki tweeted that Dodd has “no job or career.”

After a fan shared a screen shot of Gunvalson's tweet, Kelly replied in the comment section. “That's funny because I am working .. I'm working for myself .. she's so jealous it's disturbing..”

Moments later, in a now deleted Instagram post, Kelly fired back at Vicki's tweet. “This makes me very sad.. I am college educated you are not. I worked in advertising after I graduated from college for 10 yrs. Bought real estate by myself.. Married a smart successful man with whom, I had a child with which is a great father to his daughter,” Kelly captioned a screenshot of Vicki’s since-deleted tweet on Tuesday, December 11, via Instagram. “Where is your kids father?? I invested in stocks and real estate and start ups very early therefore, I don’t have to work as an insurance broker selling insurance for minimal margins (your words)You also told me you make more money on the show than you do selling insurance.”

She concluded: “I have made better choices in my life than you .. I’m sorry if you’re jealous, I just work smarter.. I hope you find happiness, peace and ❤️ love Vicki#dontbejelly #donthate.”

While Vicki deleted her tweet about Kelly, she also replied to a fan about the situation via Instagram on Monday, December 10, according to Us Weekly. “She is all threat! She has NO job so what would she do?” the self-proclaimed O.G. of the OC wrote to a user about Kelly. In a second comment Vicki added, “She’s been super mean this year. Guess she wanted to be relevant.”