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Tiffany Hendra Comes To LeeAnne Locken’s Defense And Shuts Down Brandi Redmond’s RHOD Season 3 Reunion Claims!

During Wednesday night's Part 1 of The Real Housewives of Dallas Season 3 reunion, Brandi Redmond questioned that LeeAnne Locken was seeking therapy and she claimed that LeeAnne's bestie and former cast member Tiffany Hendra told her that LeeAnne was lying and that she wasn't seeing no therapist.

LeeAnne took to Twitter and revealed the following: "When you get a text from your bestie because she keeps getting tagged in bs on twitter cause someone MADE UP A LIE about her! #fifersforever people! Can't break real love #RHOD," she tweeted.

In which Tiffany responded, "AMEN! What we focus on expands so let's not energize a lie. Let's energize truth."

She continued: "I won't be watching tonight (don't need that in my spirit) not would I need to watch in order to pick the "popular" side," she wrote. Adding, "I live by the principle of speaking and seeking truth. Truth is @LeeAnneLocken has gone and does currently go to therapy."

When asked if she's still close to Locken, Hendra responded; "We are family/sisters that God chose for each other @LeeAnneLocken"

When asked if she's still stays in touch with her former cast members and if she misses being on the show, she replied; "As far as the S1 cast members - I will always be grateful to have been part of that special journey with them. Feel closest connection to @stephhollman. The @Bravotv housewives are like a special sorority!"

After the reunion aired, Tiffany came to LeeAnne's defense and denied Brandi Redmond's claims that she told her that LeeAnne didn't go to therapy. "All of this cracks me up [especially] since I haven't spoken to Brandi in over a year probably closer to 2 years," she wrote. "I'm proud of Fi for doing the work and actively going to therapy."

Tiffany then took to Instagram to address the reunion drama that she was dragged into due to Redmond and Locken's feud. "#currentmood .... When your name is tagged all over social media the last 24 hrs for #RHOD reunion antics! Just gotta laugh. (Now that’s growth people— when the twitter chatter used to cripple me!) A heartfelt thank you for the support and to everyone who reached out checking on me. 🙏🏼 The positive side is I’m grateful that loyalty, friendship and sisterhood was spotlighted in the midst of untruths. I didn’t tune it but saw the clip on twitter. What we focus on expands. 👀Judge and you shall be judged," she wrote. 

She added: "I’m reminded of Daring Greatly by Theodore Roosevelt about the critic who points out when a man stumbles and that the credit belongs to the man in the arena who falls short, who errs... but does so daring greatly. 💪🏼 Let’s give all the women out there credit today for trying instead of sitting on the sidelines pointing fingers and being judgey. 👑 A POSITIVE TAG — tag a girlfriend working her butt off to grow + evolve and let her know you see her efforts and give her a pat on the back! #truth #truthseeker #useyourladyballs #speakyourtruthwithlove #daringgreatly #nojudgement 📸 @sarahannahansen"

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Photo Credit: Bravo