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RHOA Newbie Shamari DeVoe And Her Husband Ronnie DeVoe Admit They Owe The IRS $366K In Back Taxes!

Shamari and Ronnie DeVoe confirmed the recent report that they owe Uncle Sam a whopping $366,000 in back taxes. During a recent interview with The Dominick Nati Show, the new Real Housewives of Atlanta stars revealed that they were guilty of not paying their 2013 tax bill.

“There’s some truth to everything in life. We’ve all had some tax challenges at some point, or doctored up some documents to be able to get some type of tax return,” Ronnie, said on the radio show, according to Radar Online.

“Yeah, ultimately it is something that is there and it is something that is being worked on,” Ronnie explained. “It is definitely something I’m not running away from. The IRS knows me, I know them. Payments are being made.”

“S**t happens in life,” he continued. “That was one year that was a really good year and money was used to be able to take care of some other things. Every year after that has been amazing and paid for and up to date. We own up to our flaws ultimately. We are not a perfect couple. We are not perfect people.”

Shamari chimed in, telling Domenick Nati “We are human.”

The couple also opened up about their scandalous “open marriage,” where she claimed that she slept with two other women and he slept with 10 on RHOA.

“What we went through was in our past,” Ronnie said, noting the situation was seven years ago. “We’ve been in a committed and faithful relationship. It was faithful because we talked about it while it was going on.”

Ronnie said he and Shamari had “closed” their marriage.

“As of four years ago we rededicated ourselves,” he said. “Our marriage has been restored. We are marriage ambassadors,” Shamari said.

Photo Credit: Instagram