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Porsha Williams Addresses Recent Instagram Feud With NeNe Leakes!

As previously reported, NeNe Leakesa and Porsha Williams reignited their feud following recent episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Now, the Go Naked owner is addressing her feud with Leakes during an episode of Dish Nation.

"This is somebody who is mad at something else going on in their life and taking it out on me," said Porsha. "I can't explain what seems crazy to me."

She added: "I still never said that NeNe is the one who told me, so I don't really know."

When one of her co-hosts said why didn't they just picked up the phone and address the issue over a phone call, Porsha said the following:

"The thing is we were in the middle - she texted me that morning about it. I told her I haven't seen the show, I was out looking at houses with my fiancé all day - I watched the show just like y'all did... so when I finally responded, she was like "oh now you're responding" and I'm like "I just watched the show" - so were in the middle of texting and then somebody send me her message, her post."

She continued: "Wait - How you going to blast me on Instagram while we're texting? Like we were middle of texting each other"

She added with a laugh: "I normally don't get into social media battles but pregnant Porsha got time."

If you recall from watching Sunday's episode of RHOA, it was edited to seem that Williams confirmed that it was Leakes who told her all the tea that Kandi Burruss had said about her baby daddy.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, NeNe shared a photo of herself with Williams with the caption; "When you a ride or die chick!!!! Hey lil sis, i got your back! Lil sis: yeah ok! Then throws big sis under the bus! What the FUCK"

She added: "#loyalty #dontbitethehandthatfeedsyou I'm out #beloyaltosomebody"

Porsha then fired back at NeNe's post in the comment section, writing; "So you text me and ask me a question then make an assumption. Now you come on social media and blast me ! Bitch you got me twisted. #FakeAsHell #CutTheCrap"

In which Leakes fired back: "girl u stay fucking people over! Um PHAEDRA! Street code 101, don't bite the hand that feeds you"

She added: "Nene keeps it 1 MILLION"

Meanwhile, Porsha shared her side of the story. "Nene knows that was editing! Everyone can see that was the last part of a sentence asked waay after the lunch even took place! They added it to make it seem like I confessed who told me. I never said Nene told me what Kandi said. I only said why nene felt it may be kept from me!"

Photo Credit: Bravo