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Lisa Rinna Teases What Fans Can Expect From RHOBH Newbie Denise Richards And Shades Lisa Vanderpump; Says Season 9 Will Be ‘Epic’ And ‘Excellent’

Lisa Rinna made some revelations on Twitter this week during a Q&A session, which took place on Wednesday, December 6 to dish about the upcoming ninth season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The actress turned reality star also dishes about which former co-star she misses the most, what fans can expect from newcomer Denise Richards and throws shade at Lisa Vanderpump. Check it out below!

Lisa made it clear to fans that they shouldn't take the drama on the show that serious. "Listen. What we do, is not that hard. We film for 4 months. We laugh, fight, we make up, whatever. We make a tv show. We are so blessed and so lucky to have a Job," she tweeted. "For those who watch, Thank you!"

Lisa added: "I felt like that needed to be said. We aren't curing cancer here. It's a fucking tv show. Ya know?!"

When asked when is the premiere of Season 9, Lisa replied; "They haven't told us yet."

"I think every season is so diff," she said when asked how the new season is compared to past seasons. "This season, I predict is going to be epic."

When asked where Lisa Vanderpump is at, Rinna's shady but honest way replied, "She's on Vanderpump Rules."

Rinna also confirmed that Season 1 of RHOBH she thinks is the best.  

When asked how she stays happy all the time, Rinna said; "I can be a real bitch too but life is so short so I try and make the best of it and live in the moment."

Rinna then shared what she expects from Season 9. "Oh no the current season is going to be excellent and I predict the highest rated."

When asked if she misses Eileen Davidson on RHOBH, she replied; "Yes!!!!!"

Rinna also teases fans what type of drama fans of the show can expect in Season 9. See tweet below!

Rinna also reveals that the bunny incident at Season 7 reunion special exchange with Kim Richards was real. "Real. I'm not that goof of an actress," she told a fan.

When asked if she had any regrets about joining RHOBH or her family, she replied; "Tons," along with a laughing emoji.

Rinna also revealed that the upcoming season was going to be the best.

When asked if she could bring any housewife from another city to RHOBH, she replied; "Bethenny would be fun."

Rinna also made it clear that Bravo doesn't influence their behavior or actions on the show.

Rinna also revealed that her favorite housewife is: HERSELF

Lisa also revealed that she still carries her bag of pills and teases that the old Rinna may return for Season 9.

When asked what fans can expect from newbie Denise Richards, "All I can say is, I can't wait for you to see @DENISE_RICHARDS on #RHOBH #legend"

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Photo Credit: Bravo